Chester VFD Fall Bash Postponed to September 2021

The Chester Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) is postponing its Fall Bash until September 17th & 18th, 2021.


After consulting with Mountaineer Casino Management, the Hancock County, WV Health Department and several volunteer organizations that help out the weekend of the Bash, the CVFD will postpone the September 18th – 19th  Fall Bash until September 17th & 18th, 2021 due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19 and the general safety of the more than 7000 Fall Bash guests that attend this annual Fire Department fundraiser.

Chief John Hissam

“This would have been our 20th year for the bash and is one of the hardest decisions we have had to make”, said long time CVFD Chief, John Hissam.  “This is the main source of funding for the fire department and all the events we host for the community.  Over the past 19 years we have given away over $30 million in cash and prizes to our Bash guests and hundreds of thousands of dollars to local youth and school organizations that help us during the event.  The proceeds help us buy equipment and provide training to our firefighters.  All excess funds go to community events like our 4th of July festivities, Hometown Christmas, Concerts in the Park, and various other events throughout the year.  This really hurts everyone.” added Hissam.


Guests that already purchased tickets to this year’s Fall Bash can use them for next year’s event and they do not have to be present to win.


Anyone that already purchased tickets and anyone that purchases tickets before September 18th, 2020 will be automatically entered into a special $5000 special prize drawing for Friday ticket holders and $10,000 special prize drawing for Saturday ticket holders as part of 2021 Fall Bash.  This year’s bash is 70% sold out and no additional tickets will be available next year, so guests are encouraged to get their tickets now.



Q: Why are you cancelling the bash?

A: With over 7000 guests it is just not possible to provide an enjoyable, safe experience inside the Harv at Mountaineer.  State guidelines also limit the number of people in the facility.


Q: Why don’t you just move the bash outside?

A: There are no other facilities in our area capable of hosting the event.  We cannot move too far away as we rely on hundreds of local volunteers to help make this event a success.


Q: Why don’t you just do the bash online?

A: We thought extremely hard about hosting a Virtual Bash on our web site but decided against it.  The CVFD Fall Bash is the largest event of its kind in the country.  Its success is built upon the way the event is organized, the festival type atmosphere, and the absolute transparency in the way the prize numbers are drawn.  An online bash does not deliver the same experience.

Q: How do I know the tickets I purchased will be good for next year?

A: The Chester Volunteer Fire Department has been hosting the bash for 19 years and has given away more than $30 million in cash and prizes.  We have never had an issue with guaranteeing our prizes.


Q: Can I get a refund on my ticket?

A: Yes.  Send your tickets to CVFD, PO Box 255, Chester WV 26034 with a note indicating refund.  Upon receipt of your tickets we will refund your purchase price within two weeks.  Please be aware that your tickets numbers WILL be resold, and additional tickets may not be available.


Q: What if I cannot attend next year’s bash?

A: You do not have to be present to win.  We post all winning numbers online and notify all winners by certified mail.


Q: What if next year’s bash is cancelled?

A: If conditions are such that we cannot host an in-person bash next year, we will consider an alternate type of drawing.


Q: How do I know the drawings are fair?  Is this legit?

A: Every Customer gets a ticket with a four-digit number.  The numbers are drawn using lotto style ball machines in front of the entire bash audience as witness.  All ball drawings and associated prizes are videotaped for security and confirmation.   


Q: Where does all the money go?

A: All the money we bring in for tickets goes back out in the form of cash, prizes, food, beverage, advertising, facility and equipment rental, ticket printing, web site maintenance, and related expenses.  All net proceeds go to fire equipment, training, donations to local youth and school organizations, and community events. 


Q: I still have questions.  Who can I call?

A: Call the fall bash hotline at 304-387-2796

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