Chief Hissam says the 2020/2021 Fall Bash is on!

The Chester Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) has announced that its 2020/2021 Fall Bash Fundraiser is scheduled for September 17th - 18th at The Harv at Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort in Chester, WV.

"After consulting with Mountaineer Casino Management, the Hancock County, WV Health Department and several volunteer organizations that help out the weekend of the Bash, the CVFD has fully committed to the this year's bash. "We believe by September we will be able to host the same fantastic event we have for the past 19 years.  If, for any reason, there are restrictions on the number of attendees or our guest are uncomfortable attending in person, ticket holders will be able to participate via a live stream." said CVFD Chief, John Hissam

“Postponing the 2020 bash was very difficult for us as the Bash is the main source of funding for the fire department and all the events we host for the community.  Over the past 19 years we have given away over $30 million in cash and prizes to our Bash guests and hundreds of thousands of dollars to local youth and school organizations that help us during the event.  We are excited to get back down to business and give away more than $1.5 million as part of this year's event." added Hissam. 


Guests that already purchased tickets to the 2020 Fall Bash can use them for the 2021 Bash and they do not have to be present to win.


We are using our 2020 tickets for the 2021 Fall Bash.  If you have already purchased tickets, your number are still good for the 2021 bash.  If you want to purchase more, please act quickly as tickets are more than 70% sold out.


Order your bash tickets here.

Chief John Hissam



Q: I purchased tickets for last years cancelled bash.  Are they still good?

A: All tickets issued for the 2020 bash are good for the 2021 bash.


Q: How many tickets are available?

A: There are a total of 5000 tickets for the Friday Bash (2 numbers per ticket), 5000 Cash Box Tickets (2 numbers per ticket). and 10,000 Saturday Bash tickets.

Q: I lost my tickets and dont remember my numbers.

A: Dont worry.  We have your numbers.  If you purchased a ticket you do not need the actual ticket to get into the event.  We will provide a copy of your ticket numbers when you arrive at the Harv.  If you are not attending in person, email us at or call (304) 387-2795 and we will give you your ticket numbers.


Q: Why do my tickets have a 2020 date?

A:The 2021 Bash is using tickets from the 2020 Bash. 

Q: What if I cannot attend next year’s bash?

A: You do not have to be present to win.  We post all winning numbers online and notify all winners by certified mail.


Q: What if I cannot attend in the 2021 Bash in person?

A: You do not have to be present to win.  All winning numbers will be live streamed and will be available on our web site during the event.  All winners will be contacted by certified mail.


Q: How do I know the drawings are fair?  Is this legit?

A: Every Customer gets a ticket with a four-digit number.  The numbers are drawn using lotto style ball machines in front of the entire bash audience as witness.  All ball drawings and associated prizes are videotaped for security and confirmation.   


Q: Where does all the money go?

A: All the money we bring in for tickets goes back out in the form of cash, prizes, food, beverage, advertising, facility and equipment rental, ticket printing, web site maintenance, and related expenses.  All net proceeds go to fire equipment, training, donations to local youth and school organizations, and community events. 


Q: I still have questions.  Who can I call?

A: Call the fall bash hotline at 304-387-2796

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