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  • I already ordered. When will my tickets arrive?
    Ticket orders are processed by our volunteer firemen. It takes about four weeks to process your order which is sent via US Mail. If the bash is less than four weeks away, you can pick up your tickets at the door.
  • How much are tickets and what do I get?
    There are three different tickets. Each ticket includes entrance to the virtual online bash. The Virtual Spring Bash ticket is $80 and has prizes totaling $230,000. The Progressive Bash 50/50 ticket is $20 and is winner is guaranteed at least $15,000. The Special Drawing is $20 and gives you a change to win 50 Spring Bash tickets (100 numbers) for the Spring Bash Drawing. Total for all three tickets is $120. Learn more about each ticket at
  • Do I have to be present to win?
    The Spring is online only. There is NO in person event for the Spring Bash. Watch our live stream or check our prize page to see if you won within 24 hours after the bash is over. All winners will be notified by certified mail.
  • Did I win?
    You can check your numbers at All winners will receive instructions via certified mail on how to claim your prize.
  • I lost my ticket numbers
    If you need your ticket numbers, give us your FULL NAME on your ticket and your PHONE NUMBER and we will get back to you. Note it may take us a couple days to get back to you due to high volume of calls.
  • Can I buy tickets in person?
    Tickets are available at the Chester, WV Volunteer Fire Department or across the street at the American Legion. You can also print out the mail order form and send a check with your order. The event sells out every year so tickets will not be available at the door. Download the mail order form here:
  • I made a mistake on my order. What do I do?
    If you made an error on your order (address, phone, email, etc.), please email us your corrections at We will not accept any name changes via email as each ticket is registered to the purchaser's name or their designee at time of purchase. If you want to discuss changes to the names on a ticket, you can call the fire department at (304) 387-2796.
  • How do I claim my prize.
    All winners will be contacted via certified mail with instructions on how to claim your prize.
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